The Torch and Tassel Chapter at the University of Southern California

WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by to find out about who we are.

Mortar Board is a national senior honor society whose members have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service to both their university and their community. Each year approximately thirty members are selected among leaders from all areas of the USC community to be a part of the university’s Torch and Tassel Chapter. Membership in USC’s  Mortar Board is not only based on past accomplishments, but also involves sincere dedication to promoting the goals and ideals of the organization.

Our mission is simple. To leave USC better than we found it.

“To promote pride in education — highlighted by an open exchange of knowledge among all members of the USC community — and exercise our leadership capabilities in such a way that inspires ourselves to be agents of change and empower others to lead into the future. In so doing, we will achieve our ultimate goal to leave the university better than we found it.”

To this end, every year Mortar Board proudly sponsors programs and events including the “Faculty of the Month” Tappings and the “Last Lecture Series.” The society also engages in membership enrichment activities such as retreats and socials with fellow Mortar Board members.

We’re proud Trojans, and we’re proud to give back. Please feel free to e-mail us at if you have any questions. We’ll be recruiting for the next Mortar Board class this spring. Fight on!


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